The following are excerpted student comments from the Six Sigma course evaluations UTP has presented over the past four years:

  • “The program was very intense and does require a significant commitment; however, it is structured so that it is apparent that there is an immediate and significant long‐term return on the investment! Great program, in fact, excellent!


  • “Small class size, good examples, group interaction, instructor did a great job of keeping slowest members of group up with the rest.”


  • “Instructor was excellent with high levels of credibility and good cross‐section of participants!”


  • “The small class size combined with a knowledgeable instructor provided for excellent discussion opportunities.”


  • “Excellent instructor-explained concepts in an easy to grasp way. Liked analogies and exercises. Enjoyed the presentation. I had a lot of “aha” moments and will be able to utilize a lot of the materials in my everyday job. Definite plus having a defined group and project so that exercises were real-life applicable. This class will be extremely beneficial to my personal and professional development. Thank you!!”


  • “Dr. McShane-Vaughn was very good at breaking the tools down so they could be understood and applied in a meaningful sense. Very informative and applicable.”


  • “Mary’s expertise is clear, but her delivery as an instructor also puts people at ease. Some of the material can be complex, but Mary is good at explaining the concepts so that everyone understands. Overall, it was a great program.”


  • “Thank you Mary for staying after class to help me learn to calculate ‘S’! You are very patient when people have questions or do not understand a concept.”


  • “There were different levels of ‘baseline’ in groups which was a bit challenging. Mary was outstanding with her instructional ability. Engaging and fun!”